My name is Margaret Wilhelm and I am your Currajong  School Chaplain.

I am known to the children as Chappy Margie and I will be at the School on Tuesdays and Thursdays, generally between 8.30 am and 3.30pm.  My room is A1, next to the staff room which I share with other support staff.  You are welcome to visit me in my room, anytime I’m around, and you may call me on 0412 496 631, or email me at

What I do

Essentially, I am here for “pastoral” support for students, staff and parents.  I seek to provide emotional, moral, ethical and spiritual support.  The foundations for my values are Christian, and expressed through life experience.  I am a listening ear for anyone.

During the last 3 years I have enjoyed becoming a part of the life of the School here at Currajong.   I have been on School Vibe Alive excursions, school camps, Duke of Edinburgh walks on Maggie Island with students, taken part in Easter Services, School Assemblies, Year 7 Graduations and welcoming our new preps and families into the School. I have established a network of support, through the local churches and other support organisations.  I also have a thriving local chaplaincy committee that meet, to support the Chaplaincy Service.  Previous years, I have had, live radio broadcasts, pancake cook up days, drama workshops, breakfast to celebrate “Chappy Weeks”.  This year I have been engaging with the students in my room either painting, scrap booking, healthy fruit eating, or piano playing.

In 2013 I enjoyed having some sing-along times with the preps.  I try to spend 30 mins once a week with each prep class singing nursery rhymes and occasionally some silly, fun songs.  This I have found is a relaxed, fun and enjoyable way for the students and teachers to recharge before getting back into some serious learning.  I treasure each child and teacher and my hope is that they would know they are truly great.

I am a mother of 3 beautiful teenagers, Josiah 16, who is a senior year 12, as a leader at his School, and also leads in the Church Youth Group and Sunday School.  Josiah loves sport, food, his School, mates, Church life and his family. Josiah also enjoys playing piano, drums and watching movies.   He loves giving his mother a challenge every waking moment.  Jacob 15 is currently in grade 11.  He is also involved in the life of the School and the Church in pretty much the same way as Josiah is, he is a gifted guitarist.  Jacob loves his dog Lui, his brother and sister, he enjoys spending time with his friends, gardening, camping, quiet times and dinner dates with his mum.  Jacob enjoys getting away on quiet retreats with granddad.  Micqueala is 14 turning 30.  She is into everything!  She is also a leader at her School, is great working with kids 2 – 17 years, loves outdoors, is really competitive, and excels at beating her brothers at anything she can.  She enjoys food, shopping, her friends, her grandmother, her brother’s dog.  Mic plays the piano and sings and is an exceptional actress with an amazing stage presence.  Most of all, she loves God and people.   Micqueala is doing year 10 at present.  My children all attend Calvary Christian College.

I have lived in Townsville for the past 16 years. I was born in Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea.  My dad is an Aussie, and moved here when I was 14 years old.    After high school in Cairns.  I was involved with a repertoire theatre Company, travelling extensively throughout, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.  After 6 years, I got getting married and had my three children.  I worked at Calvary Christian College for 7 years as an aide, a music teacher and instrumental tutor before becoming a Chaplain.

I enjoy sailing, bush walking, swimming, dancing, cooking, and exercise.  My favourite past time is being with my children, church family, extended family sharing music, food and nature. 

I look forward to meeting you.

Chappy Margie

Last reviewed 19 March 2020
Last updated 19 March 2020